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Additional Services

Facebook and Instagram

Would you like to place ads on Facebook or Instagram or also reach international audiences? We would be happy to assist you with our additional range of services. Along with the social media posts from our blogging packages, our offer ensures that you are optimally positioned in the area of paid Facebook and Instagram ads. We are also happy to translate your German-language text content into all major European languages.

Our services

  • Setting up a company account for Facebook / Instagram
  • Establishing target group-oriented advertising campaigns
  • Campaign management

Corporate Design, Logo and Print

A key element of a company’s success is its professional business kit, based on the uniform public image it wants to project (corporate design – CD). Corporate design is the way in which you represent your company to the outside world and, vice versa, the way it is perceived. 

Our designers create a logo and a detailed graphic concept that will help to make your website uniform and visually compelling. 

When it comes to all your print products we not only take care of layouts but also handle the printing process. With the help of our co-operation partners we can offer you high-quality, low-cost production options.

Our services

  • Logo and/or corporate design
  • Business stationery
  • Flyers & brochures
  • Various advertising vehicles

Photos, Film & Video

Making sure that the images and copy of your website communicate the same message and are therefore in harmony with each other in terms of content and visual effect lends your ad a clear sense of calm and stringency. Characteristic tonality and visual language are not only the secret of success for global brands – they also contribute to a company’s recognition factor.

Films visualise complex processes and at the same time they evoke emotions.
The symbiosis consisting of atmospheric motion pictures, music and professional audio voice overs will turn your corporate film or web clip into an effective element of your company’s presentation.In close co-operation with you, we develop the idea, concept and script.
A team of very experienced advertising film professionals shoots the scenes according to a previously prepared shooting plan, meticulously detailed and in cost-oriented production time.

Our services

  • Professional photos of your company and your staff
  • Illustrations
  • Image films
  • Advertising spots
  • Aerial photos

Web Design & Usability

Our approach in designing and building websites is based strictly on principles of psychology and findings in the field of human-computer interaction. In this context, usability, i.e., user friendliness, is the deciding factor.

The better your website’s usability is, the easier it is for your (potential) customers to navigate your website more intuitively. This ensures that your customers achieve their aim quickly and easily, whether they’re searching for important information or a certain product.

We specialise in designing websites that are both user friendly and in line with contemporary trends. Simple interaction together with intuitive usability guarantees that your visitors enjoy the best possible user experience.

When developing a website, we also focus on accessibility. This is a key aspect that determines how useful your website is for users with varying physical, personal and technical capabilities. 

At the same time, we also take account of dialogue design in accordance with ISO 9241-110, and this means that visitors accessing your website will have as pleasant a user experience as possible. Applying the principles of responsive design, which makes it possible to provide the same degree of user friendliness for such diverse devices as smartphones, tablets and desktops, rounds off and optimises your individual usability concept.

Accordingly, the website design process is always carried out in close co-operation with our clients. The logo and the corporate design are then brought into line with the previously defined usability concept.

Quite often, clients may already be working closely together with an internet or advertising agency. In such cases, we don’t consider ourselves to be competitors; rather, we view ourselves as co-operation partners working to achieve optimal results for you, our client.

Our services

  • Target group analysis
  • Usability concept
  • Accessible web design
  • Responsive web design
  • Internationalisation
  • Design and implementation of your website

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