A strategically designed, target group-oriented website is the foundation of your entrepreneurial online success.

Website Optimisation

When optimising your website, Daus Interfaces focuses on three key objectives: improved findability in search engines such as Google, enhanced readability and better usability. We use the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to describe the bundle of measures that we take to achieve this aim.

Among these are mechanisms that ensure your website achieves as high a ranking position as possible within a search engine’s organic, i.e., unpaid results.

A distinction is drawn here in particular between onsite and offsite measures:

Overview of onsite optimisation options

Onsite measures refer to the programming, the layout and the content of your website. In this context, mainly textual information is highly relevant for search engines. However, crucial is not only the actual text the users see on the pages, but also the textual background information hidden in the source code of the website. 

Aspects of usability, user experience (UX), accessibility and lean programming (keyword: loading times) provide further optimisation potential in this area. 

Separate optimisation that is specifically geared to the requirements of mobile devices is also increasingly coming into the focus.

Supporting role of target-oriented offsite optimisation

Offsite measures refer mainly to the linking of websites. The inclusion and use of social networks as well as the Google Company Profile now play a key role here.

A meaningfully structured website with industry-specific content that is really relevant to your customers is the foundation of your high-performance internet presence. Presented in an appealing design, it provides the ideal basis for a competitive ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing, and also maximises the effectiveness of further measures such as blogging or paid online advertising. 

To achieve these goals, we create – in close co-operation with you – an intuitively usable website structure, taking into account the current SEO trends, and expand your content to include informative subpages, while ensuring that the graphic design of your overall digital presence is in line with your corporate identity (CI). 

This puts your company in the best possible position for highly effective and future-oriented online marketing.

Our services

  • Assessment of your current website with regard to search engine findability
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Monitoring and documentation
  • Optimisation is possible for many languages

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