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Artificial Intelligence

Daus Interfaces: your gateway to the age of Artificial Intelligence

The development of Artificial Intelligence has made ever greater progress in recent years. Modern AI software is now capable of collecting and analysing previously unimaginable amounts of information and using it to create a valuable basis for various fields of application in online marketing. Automated text creation for websites, blogs or social media as well as the development of digital advertising measures or the creation of artificially generated image worlds is now all within reach. Used correctly, the tools available today can enrich your web presence markedly and not only provide new impulses, but also substantially increase the efficiency of the way you communicate and your workflows.

Artificial Intelligence: scope and limitations of today’s technologies

The quality of AI-generated results depends (besides the selection of suitable tools) largely on how precise your user’s inputs, i.e., the so-called “prompts”, are. The better the user understands how the software works and how to formulate the inputs accordingly, the closer the result will be to the desired end product. However, experience to date shows that even with carefully conceived and detailed prompts, there are still considerable discrepancies between raw AI output and publishable content. The following example illustrates that there is still a clear need for optimisation of the rough draft as regards the text, both in terms of content and style.

Even AI-generated motif images of any style already deliver very satisfactory results that, in principle, do not require any post-processing. In addition, user experience is always incorporated into new programme versions, so that the results are constantly improved. Nevertheless, depending on the individual requirements and objectives, it may make sense to post-process the images.

Both the initial formulation of prompts and the subsequent checking and adaptation of AI content require a wealth of experience with the relevant medium and with all the tools used. The need to develop high-quality texts, graphics, SEA advertising strategies and other comparable marketing products that convince your customers across the board and that are reliable in terms of content therefore continues to make professional marketing specialists indispensable.

In fact, it is the symbiosis of machine efficiency and human creativity together with the professional experience of experts that makes the use of Artificial Intelligence a tool to enrich your digital presence.

Daus Interfaces analyses the AI potential of your online presence

Determining the areas where artificial intelligence can ideally be integrated into your company’s communication profile hinges on a number of different factors.

Depending on the industry, the scope of the offer and your previous digital marketing measures, the usage scenarios can vary greatly, which is why Daus Interfaces offers you a no-obligation consultation appointment, during which we examine your previous approach in detail and identify possibilities specifically for the beneficial use of AI-supported processes.

Text Creation in the following areas

  • Blogging
  • Website Optimisation
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin …)
  • Google Business Profile

Google Ads / Bing Ads

  • Creating Advertising Texts
  • Training AI
    • Keyword Efficiency
    • Target Group Analysis
    • Addressing Target Groups
    • Identifying New Markets


  • Digital Images (any style)

From a legal perspective, AI-generated content also continues to raise some questions. We ensure that all measures agreed with us are in compliance with applicable laws, such as those pertaining to data privacy or copyright protection.

As Managing Director of Daus Interfaces and a senior lecturer at Heinrich-Heine University, Markus Daus also holds a degree in psychology (M.A.) and is always up to date on the latest scientific developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This enables him to closely link his academic knowledge of AI with your day-to-day entrepreneurial business. Our broad-based, future-oriented team of marketing specialists, language and text experts as well as graphic designers enables us to take a holistic approach, which makes us your universal marketing partner for all aspects of the use of artificial intelligence.

Get to know the multifaceted use cases of Artificial Intelligence together with Daus Interfaces and enter a new world of online marketing with us – a world whose door we have just pushed open.

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